Rocket Norton

Oh, what a night!  Last night invited guests came to pay their respects to Rock and Roll Legend, Rocket Norton, at St. James Hall in Vancouver.  He rocked the house behind the drum kit with some former bandmates from his rock group Prism.  Red Robinson and his wife Carole were in attendance, “Jolly” John Tanner was there, as was famed photographer Dee Lippingwell.  Some of the great local musicians took turns sharing the stage, for a night of incredible music.  There was Al Harlow, John Hall, Skip Prest, Denise McCann and Sibel Thrasher to name just a few.  If you’re going to celebrate your 65th birthday, that’s the way to do it.  A great night!  Happy Birthday Rocket!


2 thoughts on “Rocket Norton

  1. Carmen Pollard

    Hello, I’m trying to contact Rocket Norton for a Knowledge Network documentary. Could you please send him my email and this request for him to contact me? I do hope to hear from him. Thanks!

    1. Wayne Post author

      Carmen, I’ve passed your email address on to Rocket, and hopefully he’ll reply. All the best. w.


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