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Well, I get to check off one more item on my bucket list.  Back in the mid sixties, an amazing little motorcycle hit the market, and hit my High School parking lot.  Some kids from affluent families showed up on what was a Honda 50cc scooter.  It was the subject of the positioning statement for Honda, “You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda” that propelled the little bike into the most popular motorcycle on the planet.  The Beach Boys wrote a song about it, and the Hondells had a hit record with the song “Little Honda”. I never could afford one back then, and always had it on my list of things I’d love to have.  Then along came this little beauty!  Newer and bigger than the original, but the exact same styling.  My Honda C70 Passport, or Cub as some people call them, great fun, and a bike that seems to attract people who want to talk about it, and smile when they see it go by.

81 Cub

3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Chris Lindgren

    I think i have the original 3/4 inch tape still in My library here at Home. Verk bad quality though . Do you know If there Is an archive somewhere of old CKVU stuff.John Parshly and I traveled all ofer North America recording videos for TGIF.would be nice if there were. John passed away many years ago, met him last in Toronto where he was selling used cars from a junk car lot.
    Please keep in touch.
    Cheers Chris.

  2. Chris Lindgren

    I feel exactly the same as you when it comes to my first moped in Sweden. It was a Sacxoped made in Germany .I would pay a furtune for one now…..ha ha. Get back to me if you have time and we could sit down and talk memories from the time we worked together at CKVU. Remember your first gig on CKVU?
    I do, Samson Five in NW. And also you jumping on an airbag at a stunt studio in West Vancouver.
    Cheers Chris.

    1. Wayne Post author

      Wow, I’ve never heard of a Sacxoped? Good to hear from you after all these years! Samson Five?? Don’t remember that, but I do remember jumping into the airbag at the Stuntman studio in W. Van. Ha Ha! Great memories from those early CKVU days. Thanks for sharing, Chris. All the best, Wayne.


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