About Me

Since you’re here, and sneaking a peek at my website, you’ll probably want to know a little more about me. That’s what I’m here for. Below you’ll find some of my career highlights as a broadcast professional and media talent – On-Air Weatherman, Commercial Spokesperson , Game Show Host, Event Emcee… it’s all here.

  • Weatherman for News Hour on Shaw/Global B.C. (1997-2012)
  • Weatherman/Host for Saturday & Sunday Morning News, and Weekend News Hour on Global B.C. (1992-97)
  • Host for 2nd Honeymoon game show on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN, now the Family Channel) in the U.S., and CTV. (1987-88)
  • Host for Talkabout game show on Fox Network owned and operated stations in the U.S. and nationally on CBC. (175 episodes)
  • Host for Acting Crazy game show that ran in syndication in Canada and GSN. (130 episodes)
  • Host for Poker Palace game show (pilot). A co-production with King World and TVNZ in New Zealand. The pilot is currently being shopped to broadcasters in Europe.
  • Host for Rhyme Is Money game show (pilot). A co-production with Two Oceans Entertainment Group of Los Angeles, and production companies from Germany and Holland.  Shot in Brussels, Belgium.
  • News Anchor, 6:00 News CKVU-TV, Vancouver. (1983-85)
  • Host for Personal Safety, an information video. Co-production with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
  • Host of How To Coach Baseball, an instructional video.
  • Host for The National Sex Quiz, a television special for B.C.’s Knowledge Network.
  • Host for Airborne 911, a television special about the air ambulance service.
  • Host for Legal Wise, a half-hour weekly series devoted to legal rights and courts. (1989-90)
  • Co-host for The Vancouver Show, a two-hour live news magazine show that was broadcast weekdays in prime time from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Interviews were conducted in studio and on location. Movie junkets were also included. (1979-83)
  • Host for TGIF and Video Gallery, half-hour strip shows (1986).
  • Host and between periods interviewer on NHL Wednesday Night Hockey, a weekly feature game of the week program. (1977-78)

Also, I have been a radio talk show host, and worked for a dozen or more years as a radio disc jockey at the following stations:

1968 Disc Jockey CKLG-FM Vancouver
1968-69 Disc Jockey CKCQ Quesnel
1970-71 Disc Jockey CHNL Kamloops
1971-78 Disc Jockey/Sports Announcer CKNW Vancouver
1978-80 Disc Jockey CKWX Vancouver
1987-88 Talk Show Host CJOR Vancouver

Plus, I have hosted of a number of telethons, talent shows, beauty pageants and specials.