Monthly Archives: March 2014


Linda Annis, the Executive Director of CRIME STOPPERS has invited me to be a Member of the Board of Directors with the Crime Stoppers Foundation.
I happily accepted her invitation, and look forward to helping the Foundation with the upcoming fundraising campaigns.
I also look forward to working with old friends Steve Halliday who is also a board member, and Foundation Vice President John Ashbridge.

Cheers Customers

We had a Celebration of Life get together yesterday for Vancouver Radio Personality, Jack Kyle. It was a wonderful afternoon hosted by Jack’s family. Friends, neighbours and family shared photos and stories about Jack. A number of people who worked with Jack at CKNW were there, remembering what a true professional he was. He’ll be missed. Condolences to the family.
As Jack would say at the end of each broadcast, “Cheers Customers”