Monthly Archives: September 2013

Red Serge Fundraiser

I had a great time MC’ing the annual Red Serge fundraiser for the Semiahmoo Volunteer Police Society, on the 11th of September. It was a great night, that included a live auction with Hall of Fame Auctioneer, “Wild Bill Henke”…..The event took place at the Morgan Creek Golf Course, and raised thousands of dollars for the Society. Members of the RCMP were in attendance decked out in the world famous Red Serge Dress Uniform. Nothing says “Canada” like the Red Serge.

Back to the Sound Kitchen

Well, I went back to see Paul and Steve at the Sound Kitchen today, this time to voice a radio spot that will play this Winter and next Winter on radio stations around the Province of B.C. It’s an awareness campaign sponsored by WorkSafeBC and the Ministry of Transportation, about safe travel on our roads during Winter. I guess that means I’ll have to set an example, and go out and get some new snow tires! Thanks to Media Relations Specialist Lennea Durant for making it such an easy session.

The Sound Kitchen Studios

I just finished a recording session with Paul Airey at the Sound Kitchen Studios in Vancouver. I felt that I needed to freshen up my audio demo reel, and Paul offered to help. For years I’ve always approached v/o copy the same way, sell, sell, sell. I guess it’s a throwback from the old radio days. Well, Paul managed to help me move out of my comfort zone and try a few new approaches and styles. Thanks Paul!
If you would like to hear the finished product click on my Media Reel, then Voice Demo.