The Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia, Canada played host to 2 Hall of Famers tonight! Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard, true Canadian Troubadours. Valdy travels the world and has fans across this country as well as the U.S. Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and is a member of the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame. Gary is a Juno award winner, member of the Canadian Country Music Association Hall of Fame, and the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame. The two of them, on stage together made for a magical night. The sold out crowd called for encores, and the boys didn’t disappoint! What a great opportunity to see two great performers on the stage together. Quite a night.


They’re back! A year has gone by since the Tribute to the Jersey Boys played the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia, Canada. Last year the group played 12 sold out shows and this year, it’s lucky 13! The tribute, led by Nick Stice and (Valli Girl), Michelle Zelina, are joined by Noah Fisher, Greg Stout and James Francis. They come together with harmonies straight out of The Four Seasons. Four Seasons hits, some Doo Wop and some early 60’s hits make this an amazing show. Last night was opening night, and the group didn’t disappoint, the sold out crowd was blown away. Great to have the group back at the Blue Frog, and if you’d like to see the show, go to and see how you can live stream the February 15th show, and future Blue Frog concerts.

Lonesome Ace

Saturday night we were treated to some old time Bluegrass at the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia, Canada. It was the Lonesome Ace Stringband providing the entertainment to a sold out crowd of folkies. The Stringband has been called “An old time band with bluegrass chops that play really good folk music” And Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine said, “These are three powerful musicians, playing and singing some powerful music” The Blue Frog was streaming the concert live on it’s Facebook page, and was seen across Canada, the U.S. Mexico and Costa Rica! It was a great night of good old toe tapping music! A refreshing change!

Susan Jacks

You never know who you’re going to run into at the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia, Canada! At last night’s tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Susan Jacks was spotted sitting at the back of the studio enjoying the show. Susan, who has just recently recovered from life threatening illness, was looking great! She had a number of medical problems that at one point left her in a coma! But she’s back on her feet and getting ready to record another album. You remember Susan from her Poppy Family days, and then later, as a solo artist.
Great to see her full of energy, and ready to resume her singing career.



It was Stevie Ray Vaughan night at the Blue Frog in White Rock British Columbia Canada! Russell Earl Marsland paid tribute to the late Bluesman last night, something not many guitarists are talented enough to pull off, but Russell treated the faithful to 2 nights, 4 sold out shows of spectacular SRV. Backed by an outstanding band, Marsland gave an outstanding performance, and once again the Blue Frog crowd went home happy. All the hits and more! Russell Marsland is the co-founder of the legendary R&B All Stars band and had the opportunity to meet SRV. It was a power packed Blues show that showcased the talents of not only Marsland, but also the members of the amazing backup band. A great night!

The Lonely


Now that was a Saturday night to remember. The Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia Canada played host to Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a band that pays tribute to the music of Robert Zimmerman, more commonly known as Bob Dylan. But as leader, Dr. Lindsay Mitchell (Seeds of Time, PRISM), said, “It isn’t a tribute band in the conventional sense. None of us are dressing up and pretending to be Bob. We’re just 6 seasoned professionals playing Dylan songs, with honesty, enthusiasm and respect.” The other band members are, Jim Foster (Fosterchild), Willie MacCalder (Powder Blues), Pete Sweetzir (Fosterchild, Long John Baldry), Leroy Stephens (Cement City Cowboys, Blue Northern), and Leonard Saidman (Sons of Adam). Put that much talent on the Blue Frog stage, and combine it with the music of Bob Dylan, and it’s a guaranteed winner! 2 shows tonight, and both packed houses went home happy. It was quite a night. Zimmerman is one group to put on your list of must sees for this new year. Thanks gentlemen, for a power packed evening of live music! And once again, thank you Kelly and Juanita at the Blue Frog for providing the perfect venue.

Version 2

The Big “O”

Well, how time flies! It’s been 2 years since Mike Demers and The Lonely took to the stage at the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia. The Lonely, is a tribute to the late Roy Orbison. After extensive touring, The Lonely once again sold out 2 nights, 4 shows at the Blue Frog. It’s a great show featuring all of the Orbison hits, including some from the Travelling Wilburys phase of his life. This year, Mike was given one of the first copies of a coffee table book on the life of Roy Orbison. It was given to him by the Orbison family, and Mike is taking it to all his shows, and giving audience members a chance to write their remembrances in the book. He’ll then return the book for the Orbison family to see. What a great honour for Mike and the band to be held in such high regard by the Orbisons. The Lonely is headed for Ontario for a number of shows, so if they’re in your area, make sure you take in the show, and add your name to the book. Tonight is night 2 of the Lonely, the first show at 7:00 PST will be streaming live on the Blue Frog Facebook page. Enjoy!

The Lonely

3 MC’s

Last night at the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock B.C. it was the annual Christmas Dance with the Mud Bay Blues Band. This was the wrap-up to another successful year at the Blue Frog, and the event was MC’d by Dave Chesney. Throughout the year, Dave, Casey White and I share the MC duties at the Blue Frog, and it just happened that we were all in attendance last night…so…Kelly Breaks, Blue Frog’s owner, asked the three of us to get up on stage. It’s the first time we’ve all been on stage together! Thanks to Mud Bay Slim and the band for sharing the spotlight with us. It was another great year at the Blue Frog.

3 mcs

A Desert Christmas

Version 3

Nothing says Christmas in the Desert like a lit up palm tree. And we have lots of them plugged in all around our place in Maricopa Arizona. This is the clubhouse and its trees. Tough to think of Christmas when you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Nice to get out of the cold and the rain of the west coast for a few weeks. It does get cold in the desert though. Overnight lows can cause frost delays on the golf courses, and it’s best to cover the plants in the garden for fear of frost burn. Merry Christmas to all!!

David Vest

It was a cold wintery night last night, but the David Vest band warmed up the crowd at the Blue Frog Studios in White Rock British Columbia. It was an entertaining mix of Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll and Soul. Vest, a veteran musician who was born in Alabama, and in the early days played road houses and honky tonks, now makes Victoria British Columbia home. He’s played on the bill with all the greats, from Big Joe Turner to Roy Orbison. He and his band featured a number songs from his soon to be released CD, and had the crowd singing along. David Vest is a past winner of the Maple Blues Award for piano/keyboard player of the year. Another great night at the Blue Frog!

David Vest
David Vest